Volcano & Lava field excursion to Geldingadalur

Duration : 6 - 7 Hours.
Language : English / Czech.
Category : Hiking
Time at location : 4 - 5 hours (Approx)
Time of depature : 10 am

Valhalla Yurts offers a return transfer from our location in the golden circle to the start of the hiking route towards the volcano in Geldingadalur. The hike will take approximately 1 - 1.5 hours each way and the trail has been marked so you can easily find it without a hiking guide.
There is now two locations, the volcano itself which is about 1.5 hours hike, and the Lava field, this is about 1 hour.

Don´t miss out on this once in a lifetime experience to witness the flow of the lava field and the sounds of magma erupting from the cone.

Important information

Valhalla Yurts will follow the recommendations of the Civil protection service and cancel the tour if circumstances at the eruption site become unsafe.
Please be aware of the public guidance for hikers visiting the site. For more information click below.

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Be aware that the weather in Iceland can change very quickly.
Wear hiking shoes, warm and waterproof clothing, it could be cold and wet on the day.
Assume that the journey may take longer than planned.
Bring a packed lunch and plenty of water to drink. (The driver can stop at a food establishment in order for you to purchase such items)
Keep an eye on your travel companions. Fatigue and hypothermia come quickly.
Stick to hills and ridges & avoid valleys and dells in the landscape. There could be a risk of rock fall due to seismic activity.
Do not leave the designated hiking route. Its very easy to become lost and disorientated.
DO NOT walk or climb on the lava field, This cannot be stressed enough.
The telephone connection in the area is bad and it can therefore be difficult to call for help if needed.
Eruption sites can change and new eruption cracks may open on short notice.
Gas pollution is strongest close to the area and can lurk in valleys and dells where it is particularly dangerous.
Gas pollution can change on short notice if the eruption.
If you begin to have sore eyes, or sore throat, or start to feel unwell, please move away from the area and move to higher ground, do not leave alone, make sure you are with another person until the effects subside.
Please take your trash with you.

What's included :

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1. Transport. (1.5 hours each way).
2. Non guided hike.
3. Hike duration is about 1-1.5 hours each way. (Hikers are responsible for reaching the departure point at the time given to meet return transport).
4. Time at location : 4-5 hours.
5. Hike difficulty (moderate).
6. Hill Elevation : 275 m
7. Distance : 2-3km depending on route.
8. Head torch will be supplied. (mandatory)
9. Refreshments will be provided on your collection. (coffee & water)

Guests need to bring their own face mask and are required to use it while inside the vehicle. 
Guests are responsible for following social distancing rules during the hike.

* If you purchase the two night stay, the driver will take you to an establishment upon collection where you will be able to purchase yourself food, ect

There is no meals other than stated, and Valhalla Yurts has no cooking facilities on site.

Our nightly excursion rates

Below are our rates in Euro.
Price is per Yurt per excursion, based on 2 people sharing, max 3*
*Extra Person fee applies, €115 per night + excursion.
Breakfast included.
Sorry no pets or children under 12 years.
You can choose to do the excursion and then stay the night or stay the night and then do the excursion the next day.
Time of departure for both options is 10am.

Option 1


1 night + excursion

Contact us for availability.

Option 2


2 nights + excursion

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Option 3


Excursion Only
Price is for 2 people
*Extra person fee €40
Contact us for availability